Confirmed today by Fayette County Election Bureau Director Larry Blosser, two, formal, election complaints have been filed with the Fayette County Election Board/Bureau.

Copies of the formal complaints have been sent to Fayette County Election Board/Bureau Solicitor Sheryl Heid for review.

Today, Fayette Searchlight attempted to retrieve copies of the formal, election complaints from the election bureau but was stymied in its attempt to review or photocopy the formal, election complaints.

When asked whether those filed complaints are public records, Blosser said that he is waiting on a determination by Solicitor Sheryl Heid.

When hinting about a visit to Heid's legal office to ascertain her answer as to whether filed election complaints are public records, a Fayette County Election Bureau staff member relayed that Solicitor Sheryl Heid was not in her office today.

Fayette Searchlight contacted the nearby Westmoreland County Election Bureau and was informed that complaints filed with local election boards/bureaus are indeed public records in Pennsylvania.

25 P.S. Section 1207(a)(4) provides that petitions (in this case, complaints) and appeals to the local commission (i.e., election board/bureau) are open to public inspection.