Yesterday, the Office of the Fayette County District Attorney confirmed that the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General was asked to come in and to prosecute the cases against George P. Bozek and Cheryl Lynn Bozek.

According to the district attorney's office, District Attorney Richard E. Bower requested the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General take the cases to avoid a possible conflict of interest.

According to a report by the Tribune-Review, Bower (while in private practice) served Franklin Township as a special counsel and was paid $20,520 of the $34,500 the grand jury alleged Cheryl Bozek cost the township.

See:  Fayette County grand jury recommends 2 be charged with obstructing justice, Tribune-Review, Dec. 12. 2014.

Yesterday's confirmation by the district attorney's office reflects the changes made on the docket sheets.  On 04/28/2016, the docket sheets for both George P. Bozek and Cheryl Lynn Bozek show the Entry of Appearance for Attorney Simquita Renetta Bridges and for Senior Deputy Attorney General L. Todd Goodwin. 


George P. Bozek Docket Sheet 

Cheryl Lynn Bozek Docket Sheet   

The cases -- which stem from presentments made by Fayette County Grand Jury No. 2 and indictments issued by former Fayette County District Attorney Jack R. Heneks, Jr. -- have been consolidated and are currently scheduled for trial on 06/06/2016.