Today, November 12, 2015, the time span of the sealing of the 5th Presentment of Fayette County Grand Jury No. 2 reaches 11 months.

On Page 7 of the grand jury docket sheet, we see the last two entries made on 06/25/2015, nearly six months ago!

The entries pertained to two Orders by Presiding Judge Steve P. Leskinen -- which Orders granted Motions made by the attorneys for George P. Bozek and Cheryl Lynn Bozek for the "Transcript of any Testimony before Grand Jury that is Exculpatory."

As noted in the previous column, the Bozeks each have a preliminary hearing before MDJ Defino on 11/23/2015.  For the Bozeks, the judicial process continues.

This brings us to the 5th Presentment, and its continuing sealed status.

Here are some pertinent questions:

Why does the 5th Presentment remain sealed after all this time?  After a two-year tenure of the grand jury, one would think that the subject of the 5th Presentment would have been able to have been indicted, arrested, and arraigned in an additional 11 months time.

Speaking of time, if it will take nearly six months time (for the Presentments against the Bozeks to reach the Preliminary Hearing stage, is it realistic to think that in the time remaining in DA Heneks' tenure that he will unseal the 5th Presentment and see the matter through to its final outcome before he leaves office in January 2016, especially with the office's routine duties, and with the intervening holidays?

All indications, thus far, are that Heneks will continue down the road of prosecuting unsealed Presentments, while he ignores and refuses to comment upon the sealed 5th Presentment.

Fayette County citizens who paid for Fayette County Grand Jury No. 2. deserve answers.

Perhaps they will get them from DA-Elect Richard Bower when he takes office in 2016.  

Perhaps it will be DA-Elect Richard Bower who will take his duties seriously and who will unseal the 5th Presentment of Fayette County Grand Jury No. 2.

Perhaps the new year will bring the impanelment of Fayette County Grand Jury No. 3 with additional Presentments.