With the news of two election complaints having been filed, respectively, with the Fayette County Election Bureau/Board, with Fayette County District Attorney Richard E. Bower, and with Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, and with the evidence of the alleged election frauds and perjuries of the current 51st District Democrat nominee and ex-State Rep. Timothy S. Mahoney in possession of Fayette County District Attorney Richard E. Bower, the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, First Deputy Attorney General Michelle A. Henry, and Attorney General Josh Shapiro, this space ponders why an investigation into alleged election frauds out of the county of Fayette in 2018 (on which cases the district attorney is reportedly going to recuse himself and forward to the attorney general) should take any precedence over allegations of election fraud made in 2012 that, to this day, remain uninvestigated.

Excerpt from the May 24, 2012, meeting of the Fayette County Election Board (Source:  Herald-Standard Media YouTube Channel):

No less an expert than Judge Ralph C. Warman himself provided the outlines of the Mahoney election fraud within his ruling which struck Mahoney's fatally-flawed referendum petition.


Warman Ruling Page 7

Warman Ruling Page 9

NotEnoughSaidBlog YouTube Channel videos of the 09/28/2012 Presentation of suspicious circumstances surrounding the filing of then-State Rep. Timothy S. Mahoney's fatally-flawed and extralegal referendum petitions and altered, falsely sworn, and perjured Affidavits of Circulator.